Discover La Cabane Festive - Au Chalet en Bois Rond

Dinners at La Cabane Festive

La Cabane Festive and all its amenities await you to celebrate throughout the year!

We have to say it, feasting and drinking, it's part of our roots! La Cabane Festive is tables bursting with flavor, chattering leaned on the bar in front of a small glass of reduced food. it's evenings to let go of your madness and stuff your face like in the old days.

More details to come. Follow us on Facebook La Cabane Festive and Instagram @cabanefestive.

For more information, contact Vanessa Turgeon at 418-329-1233 or at

* In view of government measures related to Covid-19, our catering service at La Cabane Festive is suspended for an indefinite period. On the other hand, following the deconfinement plan, our Holiday Season should take place as planned.