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/ Per person, + service fees + taxes

In a cottage

For an intimate reception, surrounded by your loved ones, in a chic and rustic atmosphere, a wedding in a cottage is a very interesting option. Everything is in place to create wonderful memories on your family weekend: full and inviting kitchen, open reception areas, cozy bedrooms and furnished outdoor living areas.

Enjoy all the conveniences of on-site accommodation to stay before and after your event, but also that your guests have the comfort of staying onsite. They too will be able to appreciate the activities and services offered in our village.

Plan your perfect cottage wedding with our packages.


/Per person, + service fees + taxes

In the reception room

A path of flowers and lanterns will take you directly from the chapel to the reception room. Our warm log room is perfect for your reception. Chic and rustic atmosphere, all included: fireplace, decorations, centrepieces. Our variety of menus is very popular: from gourmet, to mechoui through cocktail dinner.

Enjoy lodging in cottages to enjoy the rest of the weekend near your family and friends.

Our different packages, set up in partnership with several suppliers in the region, will simplify the organization of your event. Our experienced team offers you a coordination service throughout the planning.

Plan your perfect wedding in our reception room with our packages.


In the chapel

Choose the chapel as a wedding ceremony venue for a natural and romantic atmosphere. Make your entrance on our red carpet to join the loved one. Your outdoor ceremony will be very intimate thanks to the many trees surrounding the chapel. Wooden benches covered with furs will welcome your guests. They will be dazzled by the superb view of Lake des Loutres.

In summer, you will be safe from the curious eyes thanks to the forest. In fall, the colors of the trees radiate and offer an incredible panorama. In winter, you will enjoy being safe thanks to the roof that will protect you from snowflakes.

Then a trail of flowers and lanterns will take you from the ceremony to our reception hall.

Plan your perfect wedding with our packages in a cottage or in our reception room.