À propos de nous - Au Chalet en Bois Rond


Our team

Au Chalet en Bois Rond is a great family that brings together teams of different passions to help you create wonderful memories with us!

Our teams, hospitality, customer experience, events and services, maintenance, guides, housekeeping, marketing and administration all have one thing in common, the desire to make you smile.

Nearly 50 people work here and they are easy to recognize: they almost all have a plaid jacket on their backs!

Our daily goal

We work hard to create a complete holiday experience in a chic and rustic tourist village, as a destination for four-season nature and outdoor activities and luxury log cabin accommodation for a national and international clientele, eager to experience authenticity and enjoy the originality of Quebec. :)


It was in 1993 that the first log cabin was built here, on the land of 325, rang St-Jacques.

The owners of the time had built this cottage to enjoy it during their summer and rent it during the winter, while they were out of the country. The craze for rental during the first winter was so great that they decided to build a second one the following year for pure pleasure. The craze was the same: the chalets were always rented and the customers, always happy.

In 1996, almost by accident, a wonderful lodging company was born, Au Chalet en Bois Rond. In the following years, several cottages were built to meet the demand of a growing clientele.

In 2013, Charles and Geneviève bought the company with the vision of developing a full-fledged tourist resort. At that time, the business consisted solely of log cabins and there were 39 of them. Charles, Geneviève, and their team proceeded with the implementation of all the 4-season activities, the meal and event services that offers Au Chalet en Bois Rond today.

Since the acquisition, the number of cottages has been increased to a total of 75 in 2022. Standards and quality of accommodation have been greatly improved and the services offered to customers have multiplied. Traffic has increased five-fold since the purchase in 2013 to reach 100,000 visitors annually. Customer enthusiasm still prevails today and several projects are running! We still have many surprises for future years!