Plan a private event - Au Chalet en Bois Rond


In a cottage

Our fully equipped cottages allow you to meet comfortably for all kinds of occasions! Welcome your guests just like at home, and even better, in these cottages that offer full kitchens, common areas, and game rooms! Discover our in-cottage meal services to make the most of your event with the people you love. Organize birthdays, theme parties, bachelor party, baby shower, etc., anything is possible!

In the reception room

Our reception room with a capacity of 150 people offers a warm country environment. Whether it's for a birthday, a baptism, a retirement, a wedding anniversary, or a Christmas party, come celebrate with people you love.

Our room on two levels is equipped with a microphone, a sound system, and variable lighting. A stage and a lodge are also available. Outside the room is an impressive bar, from which you can buy different wines, beers, and spirits.

The room is adorned with a magnificent stone fireplace, which will be a must-see at all events!

At the sugar shack

La Cabane Festive and all its amenities await you to celebrate throughout the year!

Our sugar shack can welcome you as a family for a special private event. Whether for a birthday or any other celebration, take advantage of this typical cabin to get together! We are going to say it, feast, and raise our elbows, it's part of our roots! La Cabane Festive is tables bursting with flavor, chattering leaned on the bar in front of a small glass of reduced food. It's evenings to let go of your madness and stuff your face like in the old days.

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Menu banquet

Here find our Banquet menu for groups of 30 people and over : Menu banquet.