Contrat de location de chalet - Au Chalet en Bois Rond




    50% of the total upon reservation
    Final payment at check-in
    Mandatory security deposit upon check-in, by credit card only.


    At check-in, the amount indicated below is temporarily preauthorized, not charged:
    Small cottage $750
    Medium cottage $1 000
    Large cottage $1 500
    Cottage L’Étincelle $2 000

    This security deposit constitutes a guarantee for all the services, amenities and activities offered on the premises of Au Chalet en Bois Rond, whether inside or outside the chalets and the Outdoor Center.

    In the event of a violation of the general regulations or breakage of all kinds (although it is accidental), the security deposit is kept during the management of your file. Once the billable amount has been established, a copy of the invoice will be sent to you by email.


    American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. Prepaid credit cards are also accepted. Debit card payment is accepted on site for payment of the balance, but not eligible for the security deposit.



    More than 30 days before arrival:

    • Cancellation fees of $100 + taxes, non-refundable
    • Possibility of changing dates and/or cottage depending on availability and applicable rates.

    Less than 30 days before arrival:

    • Deposit is non-refundable.
    • No date and/or cottage changes possible.


    More than 60 days before arrival:

    • Cancellation fees of $250 + taxes, non-refundable.
    • Possibility of changing dates and/or cottage depending on availability and applicable rates.

    Less than 60 days before arrival:

    • Deposit is non-refundable.
    • No date and/or cottage changes possible.

    NB: Cancellation fees apply as soon as the reservation is made.

    Cancellation Motives: Au Chalet en Bois Rond disclaims all liability arising from a cancellation regardless of the reason and/or motive: weather conditions, electrical failure, road conditions, natural disasters, illness, death, or others.


    Au Chalet en Bois Rond cannot be held responsible for extraordinary events caused by Mother Nature (flood, earthquake, strong winds, tornado, extreme cold, loss of electricity, loss of Telus network, etc.).

    Au Chalet en Bois Rond cannot be held responsible for a possible power outage from Hydro-Québec or TELUS residential service (television, Internet) during your stay. As the Au Chalet en Bois Rond site is surrounded by nature, some facilities are non-functional during a power outage or extraordinary events. If this is the case, we will do our best to reduce the inconveniences related to this (these) unforeseen(s). Au Chalet en Bois Rond will not assume any compensation for inconveniences that are beyond its control and not directly attributable to the company.


    The non-compliance with these conditions may incur additional fees and/or eviction without refund. The penalty is settled according to the situation.

    This is your notice.

    Check-in and Check-out Times

    Check-in: From 4 p.m. *For cottage l’Étincelle: From 5 PM.
    Check-out: Before 12 p.m. (noon)

    * Between June 23rd and September 6th: The check-in time for cottages with a capacity of 14 people or more is from 5 p.m.

    Early Check-in and Late Check-out – paid service ($)

    This option is offered according to availabilities and prior authorization, only confirmed 48 hours before check-in. Au Chalet en Bois Rond can refuse an early check-in or a late check-out for operation purposes.

    Check-out Instructions

    • Collect all garbage and recycling, inside and outside, and put the bags in the garbage cans outside by the entrance door.
    • Sweep the floors if needed.
    • Clean all the dishes and put them back in their place. Put furniture and items back in their original place (interior and exterior). Clean the BBQ as you use it.
    • Turn off the lights, close all windows, and lock the door.
    • Bring the keys back

    Lost/Found Objects

    Au Chalet en Bois Rond is not responsible for lost, forgotten, or stolen objects in the cottage and/or in the public areas of the Village. Only objects deemed to be of great value will be kept for a maximum of 7 days. Items such as pillows, clothing, jewelry, computer equipment (such as a cell phone charger), or baby's favorite item (comforter), to name just a few, are not considered to be of high value.

    It is your responsibility to pick up the objects claimed and found or to hire a transport company to collect them within 7 days. There is no storage service on-site.

    • FIREWORKS and/or SKY LANTERNS ARE PROHIBITED at all times. The penalty is systematically applicable. You may be evicted without a refund.
    • CAMPFIRES are allowed according to the danger index issued by SOPFEU. Ask at the reception office on arrival if it is possible to light campfires. Use only the fireplaces provided for this purpose. Extreme campfires are prohibited. Penalty systematically applicable if the fire index issued by SOPFEU is not observed.
    • MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF THE COTTAGE: It is prohibited to exceed the maximum capacity posted on the website of Au Chalet en Bois Rond. The latter reserves the right to make inspections at the cottage without notice and to charge additional undeclared persons to your account. It is your responsibility to notify Au Chalet en Bois Rond if you increase the number of guests declared on your reservation.
    • If you are having a party at your cottage, with or without visitors, day or night, certain conditions apply. Please notify us as soon as possible to know your rights and our limit of tolerances. Possibility of fine, or expulsion of the site/cottage without refund.
    • CURFEW AT 10 PM: If we must compensate a client who has filed a complaint against you, you will be charged. It is prohibited to play music outside at all times.
    • CAMPING and/or TENTS PROHIBITED: It is not allowed to install a tent, tent-trailer, trailer, RV, Food Truck, marquee, big tops, inflatable play, or any other item of these categories on the grounds of the cottages.
    • NON-SMOKING: All cottages and the Outdoor Center pavilion are non-smoking. 500$ fine.
    • POOL TABLE: It is forbidden to move the pool table. This large and heavy item can damage itself or other equipment such as floors. A fine of $500 will be applied following non-compliance with this instruction.
    • IT IS PROHIBITED TO FEED THE DUCKS: For the protection of wildlife and the environment, do not feed ducks.
    • ACTIVITIES AND EQUIPMENT RENTAL: You are responsible for using the rental equipment and services diligently. Any breakage of accessories and equipment will be at your expense. Please return all equipment to the Outdoor Center, do not leave rented items in the cottages. The charges are settled according to the situation.
    • WATERCRAFTS: Safety is paramount. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory at all times. See SAFETY SECTION for the complete nautical safety sheet related to the use of a nautical craft in the cottage.
      Lakes: To avoid contamination of our lakes, it is strictly forbidden to moor or use your personal watercraft on them. We tolerate no exceptions. No motors are allowed.
      Sainte-Anne River: A boat dock is available on the Ste-Anne River for all types of boats. A maximum 9 hp motor is authorized on the river only. Provincial laws apply to the Ste-Anne River. The peace and quiet of lake and river residents must be respected at all times. Watercraft rental on site. Ask for information at the Outdoor Center.
    • FISHING:
      Loutres Lake: A private fishing right is necessary for fishing, on sale at the Outdoor Center.
      Other lakes: Fishing is prohibited.
      Sainte-Anne River: Provincial permit necessary and provincial laws apply. Provincial permit sold at a point of service nearby (not available onsite).
    • SWIMMING: Without supervision. Flotation jackets are mandatory. The water in our lakes is subject to quality tests every year.
    • SNOWMOBILES and ATVs: It is strictly prohibited to ride your snowmobile or ATV on the grounds of the cottages, the walking/snowshoeing/dogsledding trails, and the frozen lakes. You must stay on the federated trails and/or on the main roads and respect all road signs. You can access the federated trails directly from the village with a right of access. Snowmobile and equipment rental available on site. Refer to the Outdoor Center for more information.
    • Must be 21 years of age or older to rent a cottage. A minimum of 1 adult aged 21 and over must be onsite at all times during the stay.

  • PETS

    Dogs are accepted in certain cottages for a fee ($). Please mention the presence of your pet to the clerk upon reservation.

    • Dogs must have their claws trimmed.
    • Excrements must be picked up at all times in all places, cottage, or public areas.
    • It is prohibited to leave an animal unattended in the cottage.
    • A cage is required.
    • Avoid excessive barking.
    • Animals must be on a leash or tied up at all times, whether in the yard or the public areas.
    • A maximum of 2 dogs is accepted per cottage.


    Any animal present in the cottage is under the responsibility of the lessee. If any damage is done by the animal inside or outside of the cottage, the lessee will be held accountable for said damages.

    Please note that employees of Au Chalet en Bois Rond may come to the cottage without notice. Please keep your pets tied up to avoid uncontrollable situations that could hurt someone, regardless of your pet's usual temperament.


    It is your responsibility to use this service with care and to follow the instructions carefully. Failure to follow the instructions could prevent you from using the HOT TUB at your convenience without compensation and even at your expense ($).


    • Take a shower without soap before using the hot tub.
    • DO NOT POUR ANY PRODUCT in the hot tub.
    • No food is accepted. Only beverages are tolerated. Use only plastic glasses or cans. Hydrate often.
    • For people suffering from skin problems or any kind of diseases, follow your doctor’s advice before using the hot tub.
    • Do not remove the cleaning agent tanks.
    • Follow the opening and closing instructions for the hot tub cover as indicated on the poster attached to the cover to avoid an accident or breakage ($).
    • Keep the hot tub cover closed when not in use to avoid the evaporation of cleaning products.
    • It is preferable not to exceed a maximum of one (1) hour of bathing at a time.


    • The hot tub is ready for use upon your arrival and the temperature is preset according to the season. We recommend that you leave the temperature as is to avoid discomfort or ineffective cleaning products.
    • The keyboard is the hot tub's control system (computer). Deprogramming can render the hot tub non-functional without compensation. Use only the jets/bubbles/lights buttons when in use.
    • If you wish to control the temperature, do so before use, so you will avoid un-programming the spa and making it non-functional without compensation.
    • Please tell your children not to use the keyboard.

    Our hot tub maintenance team does check-ups at least every 2 days without notice




    • Automatically included with any cottage rental.
    • Bedding, pillows, a towel, and a washcloth per person.
    • Table linen, dish towels, dish soap, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, paper towels, and hand soap. BBQ (4 seasons) with propane and cooking utensils.
    • Fully equipped kitchen: dishes, glassware, utensils, baking dishes, pots, fondue dishes (fuel not included), tablecloths.
    • Summer outdoor equipment: patio set or picnic table.
    • Fireplace for bonfire: 1 bag of firewood and 1 pack of kindling wood is free of charge for your first fire (indoor or outdoor). Additional bags will be at your expense.
    • Fiber optic reception for the Internet (Wi-Fi), television, and telephone services. The cellular network is unfortunately not optimal in our Village.
    • Access to the Outdoor Center from 1 PM on check-in day. Sports equipment rentals are offered at the Outdoor Center.

    The Outdoor Center with its Activities Pavilion is the gathering place for the activities offered in the Au Chalet en Bois Rond village.

    Included with your rental: access to the public beach, volleyball court, picnic area, tube sliding, ice rink, and skating ring, hiking and/or snowshoeing trails, and landscaped paths.

    Complementary activities ($): summer fishing, various nautical boats, rental of oversized wheel bikes (fat bike), dog scooter, canicross, kicksled, ice fishing, dog sledding, snowmobile, winter equipment rental (snowshoes, skates, hockey sticks).


    Chef at the cottage, hot or cold buffet, cocktail dinner, ready-to-cook meals, gourmet and bistro tailor-made menus, etc. Ask and we will meet your needs. A cottage catering service allowing you to savor varied meals for all types of events. Book your meal in advance. Limited quantities. Certain conditions may apply.


    Corporate, family, wedding, and other groups are welcome. With our expertise in events, our team will meet your expectations and make your events unique and memorable. Reservation required. Upon availability. Certain conditions may apply.


    In season, let tradition comfort you with sugar shack meals. Our authentic sugar shack will make your group evening as festive as it gets! Reservations required. Subject to availability. Certain conditions may apply. You'll also find locally-made maple products to satisfy every sweet tooth! A wide variety of classics are available year-round.


    Local and specialized products complement our service offer. A wide variety of local and Quebec microbrewery beers will also satisfy amateurs.

    On the boutique side, souvenirs with authentic, traditional, and modern accents will fill your wardrobe as much as your decor. Gift certificates available.


    Do not hesitate to contact the reception anytime during your stay with us to meet your needs and thus offer you the best experience.

    Emergency service is available during closed hours. Call 418-410-1522. For emergency medical services, call 9-1-1. The Portneuf Regional Hospital in St-Raymond is accessible within 10 minutes.



    Nautical activities and fishing in the wild entail risks, many of which can lead to drowning. On, in, or near the water, preparation and prevention are the keys to a pleasant and safe experience. Put the odds on your side, and make safety your priority.

    BEFORE YOU GO, check the condition of the mandatory life jackets and navigation kit (for river boats only) that are provided. Notify an attendant if they seem incomplete or defective, we will replace them. Check the weather and dress appropriately for the season. Inform a loved one of your outing and the expected duration. Going alone is not safe.

    WHEN OUT TO THE ACTIVITY, write down the emergency contact number and the procedure to follow in areas without mobile phone coverage. Wear your PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times: on the water, in the water, and around bodies of water. Respect your limits and your knowledge. In case of unstable weather or conditions making navigation difficult, return to shore.

    Prevent fatigue!

    • Stay close to the banks.
    • Take regular breaks to drink and eat.
    • When possible, start against the current or with a headwind and return with the current or with a tailwind.

    WHEN YOU RETURN, notify Outdoor Center employees of any breakages or potentially dangerous items observed during your visit.


    • PFD of the right size and navigation kit (at the river)

    RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: a waterproof bag to keep your items dry, clothing adapted to the activity and the season, closed shoes with grippy soles, depending on the weather: cap or toque and gloves, phone 100% charged in a waterproof case, map of locations, water, sunglasses and sunscreen, insect repellent, garbage bag.


    I commit, during my entire stay, to:

    • Respect the rental contract, its conditions, rules, instructions, forms of payment, security deposit requirements and cancellation policy specified in the previous sections;
    • Treat with caution and diligence the cottage and its yard, their contents, equipment, and material as well as those of all public areas of Au Chalet en Bois Rond;
    • Declare all damages or thefts that may have occurred during the stay;
    • Leave the leased premises, at the end of the stay, in the state of cleanliness stipulated in the check-out procedures;
    • Pay all additional costs incurred by the non-compliance of my engagement and/or compensate all other people that have suffered damages and/or inconveniences during my stay. I agree to release and hold harmless Au Chalet en Bois Rond from any claims;
    • Respect, in my name and in the name of all others that I have allowed in the cottage, the contract and the rental terms and conditions of the present document.

    In case of a breach of contract, the security deposit is withheld during the handling of my file. Once my file is closed, the amount of the penalty will be cashed on my credit card and a copy of the receipt will be sent upon request. If the amount of the deposit is insufficient, I give Au Chalet en Bois Rond authorization to charge on my credit card all excess amount to pay for all damages.

    I acknowledge that I have received and read the Cottage Rental Contract sent with my reservation confirmation email by Au Chalet en Bois Rond.

    Signature _______________________________________

    Date __________________________

Dernière modification : 08 septembre 2023

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