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Gliding Flight

Take a gliding initiation flight!

Be a passenger to experience an initiation flight!

Would you like to experience the experience of gliding or offer a flight as a gift? It is possible to perform an initiation flight. Make the experience, it will probably be a highlight of your life!

Gliding is a leisure activity and competition during which its followers, called glider, use a glider. While some gliders simply enjoy the freedom and pleasure of controlling their aircraft, others focus on their performance and aim to cover as far as possible or to remain in flight for as long as possible. This quest for performance tests the capabilities of pilots to effectively recognize and exploit aerological conditions as well as their driving and navigational qualities.

Whether recreational or competitive, the practice is to use the ascending air currents or "ascendants" to derive the maximum performance. What is a glider? A glider is neither more nor less than an airplane without an engine, which exploits the forces of nature to evolve in the airspace. These forces are thermal (ascending hot air columns) and dynamic (wind on the mountain reliefs) ... (Translated from source: www.cvvq.net)

At 18 min of the village
At 18 min of the village

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