At the entrance of the village is the reception office where we will welcome you for your stay. In the same building, you will find a gift shop and a convenience store.

In the gift shop, you can get souvenirs, gift ideas, dream catchers, lanterns, home products, clothing and much more.

Boutique   Boutique

In the convenience store, you will find wine and beer, beverages, frozen foods, and other essentials such as bread, milk and butter, and some hygiene products. We also sell packs of firewood, kindling, worms and ice, not to mention marshmallows!

Depanneur   Depanneur

During your stay in our touristic village, take the time to come get the microbrewery beer La Bois Rond, brewed by Le Roquemont. Visit their website to know more about their beers : Microbrewery Le Roquemont

Biere La Bois Rond

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