Massage therapy

Our experienced massage therapists travel directly to your cottage to offer you the care you chose.

You can enjoy personalized, simple and effective quality care in the cozy comfort of your cottage. You can choose to take personalized therapeutic massages of superior quality, essential oils massage or more.


60-minute massage $80
90-minute massage $110
*Transport in cottage fee 10$


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You will be able to stay in the comfort of your chalet, light a fire in the fireplace and why not continue your relaxation in the private spa offered directly at your cottage. This is the pinnacle of cocooning! You will enjoy the peaceful environment of the chalet and as well as of our village.

If the weather allows it, treatments can also be provided outside your cottage. Imagine: receive your message to the sound of the current of the river or the sound of the lake water. What a relaxation!

Reservation mandatory, taxes are not included in the prices.